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16th April 2013

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Dirty Niall Imagine - Movie Night -

You and your longtime boyfriend since over one and a half years have your regular movie night. It’s like a tradition for you both love birds. You place the cup full of tea and some candy onto the table next to the sofa and you cuddle into the soft material and in the next moment Niall takes his seat next to you. “Babe, what will we watch?”, you ask smiling. “Oh…I just thought we could watch the horror movie I told you about last week…?”, Niall grins and pulls you closer into his arms. He exactly knows that you hate horror movies. “Niall….no!”, you groan. “Oh c’mon baby, I’ll protect you.”, he smirks and plants a small peek onto your lips before you simply nod. After the time passes by you get really scared and whilst you try to distract yourself you gaze your perfect boyfriend from up to down. He’s really hot sitting there and you notice you start to get horny. You need him so you start leaning in and kiss his neck softly. “Y/n stop it. I want to watch the movie!”, he groans and you back away. But you won’t give up that early. You let your hand down onto his thights near his crotch. You play with the hem of his pants and even if you can say it turns him on a bit he just groans and tells you to stop it. Suddenly a idea plop into your mind and you pull your hand under your yoga pants. You slowly rub over your clit through the material of your tonge and a low moan slip out of your mouth as you pull it to one side whilst rubbing figures eight onto your clit, teasing yourself. This is when he turns his attention to you. “Omg y/n, that’s so fucking hot…”, he breaths heavy staring at your pussy. Another moan slips out of your mouth but just in the next second he pushes your hands over your head and hovers over you. “Such a dirty gil like you should get punished….”, he winks and roughly attacks your lips. You can’t help but moan into the passionate kiss. His hand find it’s way to your pants and he slowly pulls them off. The next things which follows are his own pants and your shirts, leaving you in just your underwear. He swiftly unclaps your bra and stares down on your full boobs in awe. “What beautiful boobs you have baby doll.”, he grins and presses his soft pink lips onto them. He sucks on it and after a while he gets bored and kisses down your stomach until he reaches your wet area. With on quick motion he rips your tonge of and places hot kisses where you need him most. “More…Niaaalllll…mmhhm.”, you murmur and press his head down onto your clit. “You need to owe it..”, he whispers and you pulls his boxers down with your teeths. “Don’t be a tease.”, he grunts as you blow hot air onto his throbbing heat. Finally you take him into your mouth and bob your head up and down, try to do your best to pleasure him. “Stop! Stop, I wanna cum into you baby. Urggh!”, he moans and slams into you hard not letting you adjust to his 9 inches cock. “You’re so huge. Fuck my tight lil pussy Niall! Hard!”, you scream as he pounts in and out of you in a fast rythmen. “I’m close princess!”, he grunts and with that he releases his cum into you letting your liquids mix with each other. He colloaps onto you and rolls next to you so you cuddle into his chest, smelling his cologne and a bit of sweat. It’s just Niall. “Maybe we should watch horror movies more often…”, you grin and he winks. The rest of the night you spent cuddling in the living room not wanting that day to end.


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